Saturday, May 12, 2012

By Yourself, Or With Others?

That was always the follow-up question from the priest. There I was, in the confessional, admitting to 'impure thoughts and actions'. My answer to this question was, unfortunately, always no.

But of course here I'm talking about running, which is indeed pure. And as I discuss the subject with my  friends, it appears that some of them can't seem to run alone at all.

This used to strike me as a bit strange. I used to run alone almost all the time. It was mostly only Saturday mornings that were for running with friends. And now it seems that I'm evolving more towards the social running thing. I still do some runs alone, but the ones with friends are much better.

I'll be running with friends next week in Cleveland - about 20,000 of them. Today is the last long run. It'll be on the towpath with friends as well.

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