Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fourth Again

Words cannot express the amount of fun it is to be back in the hunt. I already mentioned this a little in a previous post - Are You a Runner or a Racer? But then it happened again last week. I was running the National Crime Victims Rights Week 5K in Medina (don't bother googling it - it wasn't a huge one), and there I was, not too far at all behind the leaders.

Never mind that it was a tiny turnout. There were probably less than twenty of us. It didn't help that they started the race *early*! No, never mind any of that; I was in the hunt. And I could see the leaders - including Ladd Clifford - the whole time. I even passed someone during the final mile. I even even began catching the leaders.

Never mind that they were caught by a traffic signal (did I mention that it was a tiny race?). Alas, Ladd and the other two still had me. And my time, 22:20, was extremely slow. But I was in the hunt.

This was only a few days after the On My Own Two Feet Marathon. Then over the weekend, I ran fairly far and fairly well, including a decent Saturday treadmill run in Chicago and then two plus Hinckley loops on Sunday.

The fatigue did catch up with me a little bit today. I was pretty tuckered out. At least I'm not in any kind of tremendous pain any more. Pain yes, tremendous pain, no.

Tomorrow I'll be at it again.

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