Monday, April 28, 2014

A Long Tale about a Short Run

Maybe we'll make it a short tale instead. Last year at the Race for Brunswick Blue Pride I did something around 21 minutes, and was the second male (but was also chicked). This year I ran over a minute slower (22 and a half), and finished well back in the pack. Although my first two miles were completed in about 14:08 or so, I can't seem to even do a sub-seven mile anymore. At least I'm consistent: each of my races for this year have been a steady minute to two (for the five-miler) minutes slower than last year.

Things can only get better, right?


Neybug said...

Check out the set the ag course record by something like 6 mins. lol Hey, it is a positive!
Oh and tough identifier text on here. I seem to be having a hard time proving I am not a robot.

Neybug said...

Wait, more like by 10 mins!

Dan Horvath said...

I believe you Renee - you're not a robot!

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