Monday, May 12, 2014

Split Second Decision

It's better to run fast than to run far... Of course if it's possible to do both, that would be nice.

That's been my mantra for the past year. You know, the year since the 2013 Cleveland Marathon, my last. And so it was once again today. Doing a rare run from home, I'm getting down to the end of my street in the early morning darkness, and suddenly - almost without thinking - turn left instead of right. Right would have taken me on the path to the first of two and a half six-mile loops, the original plan for the day. I'd been thinking that the between-loop pit stops would do me good, and allow me to run fairly fast for the circuits themselves. To do a longer course without a break would have most likely assured that the overall pace would be slower.

But here I am, heading west instead of east, in order to get on board my old 11-mile loop. Even though this plan would nearly ensure a slower pace, I missed those semi-rural country roads southwest of my home; this would be a homecoming of sorts. Maybe it's better to enjoy my run than to run fast... Of course if it's possible to do both, that would be nice.. In any case, this way I'd follow the 11 up with another four.

Yes, fast is relative. A week ago I did the Hinckley nine with Dave in 1:18, a pretty good (for these days) clip. Then after another three, I was wiped out. Nothing unusual about any of that, except that I suffered through some severe nausea for the next two days. That is unusual, but it was probably due to food poisoning or a stomach flu, and not running.

But it certainly did have an effect on my running, and not in a good way. I was finally fully recovered on Thursday, when I got a three-mile tempo run in. Yes, three consecutive miles at (barely) sub-seven minute pace. After gobs of attempts, I was thrilled to have finally gotten myself back to this level.

After a couple nine-minute-ish miles, I wanted to pick it up a bit. But just a bit; I didn't want to be greedy. As much as I try to move faster, I find myself slowing down instead. Now I'm doing ten-minute miles, and then slowing even further after a few of those. And I don't even know why.

Well, yes I do.

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