Monday, May 26, 2014

Step, Ouch, Step, Ouch...

Sorry, but this will be a painful post.

After those two races last weekend, my heel has been killing me more than ever. That's quite a lot of hurt.

Gave myself an easy day, and then tried to run a three-a-day last Tuesday. I did manage to run three times - morning, lunchtime, and on the track that evening - but they weren't pretty to say the least. And each was more painful than the previous one. Then, after another very painful run - a thirteen miler heading as far as Chesterland, the one where I was really doing the Step, Ouch, Step, Ouch thing -  I finally decided to get some medical attention.

I'm not even sure this is the normal PF that I've had on and off for so many years. The pain is different now - it doesn't ease as I run more and loosen up as it used to. And it's located more in the back of my heel instead of underneath. Running fast seems to irritate it the most, but running far doesn't help either. My appointment is for a week from now. Stay tuned.

Today's annual Quickie 2-mile wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I was expecting more extreme pain, and it wasn't all that awful. I finished in a not-so-speedy 14:43. I can handle not-so-speedy so long as it goes along with not-so-painful as it did today.

Hope springs eternal.

Here I am at the Quickie, trying very hard to not get passed by Steve Combs pushing his
TWO kids in a stroller. Thanks to John McCarroll for the photo.

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