Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Run on the Towpath

The weather wasn't bad. It was about 20, there was no wind, and the sky was actually clear. There was an inch or two of packed snow on the towpath. I was still feeling better, so I did 10 with Dave before my 2nd chiro session with Dr. Joe. The run had it's share of pain, but as has been the case recently, it was manageable. Running at an easy pace helped. The pain came on during the ride home. Got to remember that lumbar pillow. Dr. Joe confirmed that I ought to keep the intensity down, although running itself is ok.

Other goings on: we went to Kathy and Mike's for New Years Day dinner the day after their New Year's Eve party. Luck, schmuck, I'm still working on the vegetarianism thing and stayed away from the pork.

Speaking of food, Debbie and I are once again watching it by following weight watchers. I started off the year at 162. Got about 10 to go.

Once again I'm studying for the cfps exam. I'm taking it Tuesday at a testing center. It's keeping me out of trouble.


Clifford Running said...

Dan , if you get this, Marsha,
Lisa,and I are planning on running 7 sunday morning at 11:00 meeting at third federal bank on rt. 18. that is depending on ice and rain....Ladd

Dan Horvath said...

Sorry I didn't make it. Hope you had a good run.

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