Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week of January 25, 2009

Sunday: Let's see. I ran hard last Tuesday, and haven't been able to do so since. I guess it's been 5 days since I last ran, and I was finally feeling (a little) better again, so when I awoke at 2:40am still on London time, I unpacked and then hit the mill. Unlike last time, I took it real easy. I started slower than 10 minute pace, and then did several miles around 9 minute pace, finally getting down to about 8:30 pace. It took me forever to do 12 miles, but I came out of it ok. My foot and back are still hurting, but at least they're no worse after today.

Monday: I've been working the Early (3am) hours this week. Just stayed on Europe time. Makes it tough for any evening activities. Like last night's MCRR meeting. But I managed. I also ran with the group before the meeting at Highland Library. A very nice 5 miles in the cold (19 or so). It was fairly hilly too. Marsha led us out on a slow 9 to 10 minute pace and then a fast 8 minute pace for the return. It was tough for me, but I did manage to keep up. Don't think I reinjured myself.

Thursday: You'd think that after several days off I would have a decent run. Nope. Wasn't to be. I've been extremely busy with work anyway, but I stepped on the mill just before dinner and did 6 weary miles.

Friday: I had some time between calls and went outside to do 8 at 9.5 pace. Sounds slow, but the footing was terrible. Tons of slush, ice and snow around. Glad I got out though. Pain's still there, but it's not so bad.

Saturday: Another run on the mill. This time it was at the Renaissance Cleveland, and I managed to get 15 in, including a tempo run. I'm not entirely pleased, however. I had to step off several times to catch my breath. It's hard to admit that I'm in such sluggish shape. Not to mention the pain. I think I'll have to wipe that "p" word out of my vocabulary.

That makes 179 miles for January, averaging eight and a half pace. It would sound much worse if it wasn't for the faster dreadmill miles. It's actually not as bad as I thought. Maybe I'm not totally down the tubes yet.

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