Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week of January 11. 2009

Sunday: Today it was "Running with Studs". I don't mean my running partners; I mean the studs I screwed into the bottoms of my shoes for traction. Never tried this before, but I'd heard enough about it. This winter's been one day after another of snow, ice and slush, so I finally did it. I put 10 3/8 inch hex sheet metal screws into each shoe. Here's the website that explains it best:
Worked pretty good. Not perfect when the packed snow was really slick, but pretty good overall. I only did 3 slow, slippery miles around the hood.

Monday: About half of my slow 10 miles on the roads of Brunswick were snowcovered and slick again today. I had the screwshoes on again, and once again, they helped a bit. I'll keep using them.

Tuesday: The trouble with all this snow is that there is no room to run on the road. Got to get out *real* early to beat the traffic. I ran the most in a while: 13 miles. The first seven were decent - I was running 3/4 and 1-mile loops around Brunswick High school, still checking it out for the 24-hour run. These were at 8:30 to 8:40 pace. Decent for me these days. The last 6, on a circuitous route home, were much slower. This was because the new snow was adding to the poor footing, and also because I was just plain tired. Still a decent run. I later heard that the school district won't allow the run to be held there. Dang.

Thursday: I would *like* to be able to say that I'm now feeling way better, and that now it's just a matter of getting back into shape. Trouble is, I can't quite say that. I did 16 miles on the mill this morning (temps were around zero), the most for a long long time, but I still had pain. Actually, I'm happy to report that my back/butt/hip/leg really is better. It's the foot pain that's back. I guess it never really went away; it's just that I hadn't been feeling it since I haven't been running hard or long. Today I did, and I felt it.

Friday: 8 mill miles. Not too good - I wasn't fully awake. But I wanted to get these in to get back up to 50 mpw. And running outside isn't an option - it's -11 out there. Taking off for Florida and then London.


Clifford Running said...

Hi Dan
I only tried the screws one time and only used 4 in each shoe. Did you run on any dry surfaces and would you do it again. I ran 16 miles today all on Medina streets, some snow covered but mostly wet.Really wasn't to bad.

Dan Horvath said...

Hi Ladd,

I don't think 4 would be enough. The 10 I used helped a bit. It is strange to run on dry surfaces however. Yes, I'll do it again.

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