Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Egads, it's March!

Not only is it March, but I've got a marathon in May. Not only do I have a marathon in May, but I've got a half in April. Not only do I have that half (and probably other series races), but I haven't been running more than 50 miles per week, and those have been super slow. I could go on.

So yes, egads is the operative word here. As in, Egads, I'd better start to train.

I hadn't done a 20 (or even 18) all year. Blame the maladies. And the lousy weather. So Monday, when temps were in the single digits, I stepped on the mill and did a lousy 20. It wasn't pretty. I took yesterday off. Duh.

I hadn't planned to do another long one anytime soon; probably 15 or so on Saturday with Dave and Amy. But this morning I awoke very early and decided to go for one again, this time outside.

It's always a good omen to be out the door before four. Don't ask why. It just is. I didn't make it today; it was about 4:15 or so. And it was stil cold - in the lower teens. But it was clear and the stars were pretty. I did my 16-mile course for 15, and then zigged and zagged in the nearby to make it up to 20. Those last 5 were quite a struggle. I even had to walk for a good part of the last one. So I'd have to say that this was even less pretty than Monday's run. Maybe it was because of getting out so late.

So now at least I'm doing long runs again. Maybe I should do *only* twenties from now on. I've got a streak of two going.


Clifford Running said...

Hi Dan,
If you can make the long run Sunday we'd love to have ya,the group run is scheduled for 10 miles then a small, small group of us is going to keep going for a min. of 17. What's your first Subway race?? talk to you soon. Ladd

Dan Horvath said...

Hi Ladd,

I may be there Sunday, but I don't know how far I'll go.


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