Monday, March 16, 2009

I Ran a Mile Today

My injuries continue to compound, causing me to take yet another week off. My fall was about a month ago, and I was starting to feel a bit better, when I somehow displaced a rib last week. Indescribable pain. I almost couldn't function as a human being at all. I somehow did manage to get to my downstairs office and do some actual work. But even that was nearly impossible.

About that rib. At least that's what the chiropractor (Dr. Lisa) told me. She said she relocated it to it's proper position, and voila, I'm better. Really. So she did do something right. Now I'm still sore, but I can actually bend a bit once again without too much excruciating pain. Thanks Dr. Lisa.

So I made up my mind to go out for a run today. I ran a mile, and felt so good that I turned back and did another one. I even broke 10-minute pace for the final 100 meters or so as I sprinted it in.

It feels great to be a runner once again.


Mr. Pythagoras said...

Ouch! Hope you start healing up soon!

Clifford Running said...

Hope you get back to normal after all this. take the time off and get all healed up. We ran our first Subway race last Saturday in Louisville, Marsha ranher 2nd best race ever at 22:59 and I sprinted to the finish trying to break 20 and ended up with 20:02 just 2 seconds in front of your buddy Vince R.

Dan Horvath said...

wow! Nice goin!

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