Sunday, August 21, 2016

Say it Loud


"Did you just say, 'ouch'?" asked training partner Michelle Wolff. She and I and Debbie Sheele had been running silently along for a mile or so, but here at mile 6.66. I involuntarily said the 'O' word. My AT pain is always with me, but sometimes it becomes unbearable, and some of those times, I say so. That was Friday, I did it again today.

I needed a long run. The last time I went past the 18-mile (my definition of long) barrier was at the Mugrage Park 6-Hour run. And that was painful - so much so that my mileage is down even farther than it was then.

But pain and all, I need to get moving. NC24 is looming, and as noted in other posts, I want to at least be able to run a little there. This day, four weeks out, was better than most and as good as any.

I was out the door before four. Got five and a half in before meeting Debbie at Panera. We did seven together, so I still had five and a half to do. I decided to take the long way home. But I didn't get far.


This time there was no one to hear. Or to ask whether I just said what it sounded like. Now I needed to be able to get home, even though I was hobbling and running four minutes per mile slower than just a bit ago.

I did make it, but,


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