Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Step, Ouch, Repeat

Over two years ago, when I thought this Achilles Tendonitis (AT) condition was still Plantar Fasciitis, I created a blog post called, Step, Ouch, Step, Ouch... I believe I had had the condition as much as a year prior to that. Much more recently, I posted something called AT: What Works, and What Ain’t, and this is probably even more relevant. And painful. I hate to do this, but I am about to reprise that pain.


Nearly every run hurts, and when it hurts, it hurts bad. Real bad. If I run less, or not at all, it hurts a little less. But even then I still hurt. But running is definitely the driving factor. Everything and everyone indicates that I need to cease and desist running until I can heal up completely.


I will. I promise that I will. But not until after NC24. NC24 is a month away. It would have been nice to be a contender there, but I will only be an also-ran. Even so, I’ve got to at least show up and run a little. I have to.


After MP6 I was hurting quite a bit again. Even so, I needed to try (a little) to still do some running. My mileage is way down now, but I’m trying to still do some. I ran about 20 very slow miles over the weekend in Geneva, NY. It was an idyllic running area, but the pain prevented too much enjoyment. This morning I did 13, the most since MP6. And I was really doing the step, ouch thing towards the end. It nearly killed me.


Yup. One more race, and then I can relax. And heel up.

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