Wednesday, August 31, 2016

TM Speech: The Kid and I (Some, but Only a Little Running Content)

Dearest Readers,

I have recently given some speeches in connection with my Toastmasters International membership. Some are related to running, and some are not. When possible, I will publish the speeches. This is one of them.

The Kid and I

  • This is my Icebreaker speech. I believe the general purpose of icebreaker speeches is for new members to talk a little bit about themselves.
  • This will be a very slight departure from that format.

About the Kid
  • I am going to tell you about a “friend” of mine, who is known as “The Kid”.
  • I’ve known The Kid for a long time. He and I have many things in common. But we have some significant differences, too.
  • My goal is to inform you about The Kid, but in the process, have you also learn something about me.
  • They say you can’t give yourself a nickname.
  • But sometimes, that’s not true. In the late 1990’s a popular movie came out called, “The Big Lebowski”. It starred Jeff Bridges in the title role.
  • In the film, the Lebowski character, a bowler, gave himself a nickname of “The Dude.” The Dude’s friends merely put up with this. One of the film’s catch-phrases is, “The Dude Abides”.
  • It’s like this with The Kid. He gave himself the name, and I and our other friends, merely put up with it.

 The Kid’s Work Life
  • Like me, The Kid has over 40 years of experience in the IT world.
  • Like me, The Kid is a Project Planning Analyst (PPA) in the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO).
  • The Kid analyzes and estimates projects during their initiation. He also collects and analyzes other project metrics.
  • Me and The Kid are part of a great team, but here’s the difference between us: The Kid thinks he’s really good at what he does. He thinks he’s “special.” I, on the other hand, do really know better.

 Outside of Work
  • The Kid loves to travel. He even writes a travel blog. I also like to travel. But a blog? Who would want to read someone’s travel blog?
  • The Kid likes to cook and make his own beer. But I can tell you that The Kid’s cooking is pretty good sometimes, and pretty bad other times. And although he thinks his beer is pretty good, I think it’s actually pretty bad. (I don’t know how to tell him.)

  • Like me, The Kid is a keen and accomplished runner.
  • Unlike me, The Kid writes a running blog. I think: who on earth would want to read such a thing. What could be more boring or just plain stupid?
  • Most importantly, The Kid thinks he’s “still” a top runner. I know that he’s getting older and slowing down, but how can I tell him?

  • Narcissism is defined as “A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance”.
  • I wondered if it was narcissistic to refer to oneself in the Third Person, so I asked The Kid about this.
  • The Kid doesn’t think so. He says he’s too important to be narcissistic.
  • As always, The Kid Abides.

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