Monday, November 28, 2016

BW50K - 2016 Edition

It's necessary to mention the year, since I've done this one before. Actually, I've completed all six previous ones. Going into today's Buckeye Woods 50K, with my injury, lack of training, etc., etc., I knew that this one would be more of a challenge than most of the others.

About those others, here are the previous results:

2010: 4:46
2011: 4:50
2012: 4:57
2013: 4:45
2014: 5:59
2015: 5:17
2016: ?:??

The weather was absolutely wonderful for running. The temperature ranged from about 37F at the start, to around 47F by the time I finished. It was partly sunny, and there were light breezes. Just about perfect. So much so, that I nearly recommended cancelling the event. We sure have had a variety of weather for this run.
Finishing the first 5-mile segment with Keith Johnston    John McCarroll photo

Race Director Suzanne Sharp did her usual great job, and our club volunteers was wonderful as always. This year Alyssa Osborne also created hand-made, unique awards.

Oh, yes: my race. I done ok. I figured that a steady pace would be nice. Finishing under my previous Personal Worst on this course of 5:59 would be nice. But mostly, I just wanted to finish, period.

After running the first loop with my friend Keith Johnston, I mostly ran alone. I only saw others coming and going, and of course at the shelter after each 5-mile loop. It's always so nice to see all my friends out there having as much fun as I am. The injury didn't slow me much. The lack of training due to the injury did. The Achilles only really hurt bad for the last mile or so. After all that solo running, which happened to get slower as I went on, I was happy to finish in 5:49. My splits and other stats:
Later in the race. I changed because it got warmer    John McCarroll photo

For the numerically inclined, here are my splits. Notice the positive trend.
Also for the numerically inclined, here are some overall stats.

The usual fast folks beat me, but a bunch - there were actually a whole lot of starters - dropped down to 25K. I finished fourth overall; the third of my gender. And now I'm hobbling around as expected after a race like this.

Unique finisher award, handmade by Alyssa Osborne

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