Monday, November 07, 2016

No Better; Know Better

My Achilles is no better. But I'm running more again. And hurting more again. Yes, I should know better.

But I'm in a quandary. The Buckeye Woods 50K is looming: it's the Sunday after Thanksgiving. And I need to decide, a) Whether to try for 50K, b) Whether to try for 25K, or c) Whether to chuck the whole dang thing.

Here are the ... wait for it ... FACTORS TO CONSIDER ...

Factor 1 -> I started BW50K. I no longer direct it, but I still feel that to some extent, it's kinda/sorta my race. And it's fun.
Factor 2 -> I've run the 50K all six previous times. It's getting to be kinda/sorta what you'd call a streak.
Factor 3 -> During Sunday's course training run, whilst attempting to complete three 5-mile loops, I could only manage 2 1/2. This was due partially to my woefully undertrained status, and partially due to the Achilles pain. Achilles pain that permeates every waking moment activity, but gets worse as runs go on
Factor 4 -> I could just do 25K. That is, actually, a valid option. And I think I can run that far
Factor 5 -> Since my month long hiatus from running didn't appear to work, maybe I need to do it again, until I get it right?
Factor 6 -> That's enough Factors. The Decision 2016 Results will be posted here.

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