Thursday, November 24, 2016

It's About Time

Only recently, as in the past week or so, have I finally been feeling a little better. Just a little, mind you. This, after six months of painful running. In case you needed reminding, those six months began at mile 45 (out of 50) at the Rock the Ridge race this last spring. I'm not sure what good any fore-knowledge might have done for me at the time. Perhaps I would have started to walk at mile 44 out of thoughts of prevention, rather than at mile 45 out of necessity.

Yes, six months of pain and suffering, in which I believe I only managed to do one other race of any significance, NC24. And after that one, it's really been downhill. Several weeks of only four to eight miles, along with some swimming, followed by a very gradual re-build of my mileage base; a mileage base that is still roughly half of what it had been earlier in the year.

Even though said pain hasn't completely subsided, progress continues, albeit in fits and starts. Some examples include 15 miles at Buckeye Woods a week and a half ago, a 20 this past weekend, a relatively fast treadmill run yesterday and an unexpectedly high-mileage 13 today at Hinckley with friends.

Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect and remind myself to be thankful for the ability to run at all. Okay, I'm reminded. But further, I'm happy to say that the pain isn't quite so awful in these recent days. Therefore, you know what time it is, don't you?

It's Time for Dan to do Something Really Stupid.

What would that be you ask (and you're asking an awful lot of questions today)? That would be this coming Sunday's Buckeye Woods 50K.

Why BW50K, you ask (and there you go again)? Because I've done all previous six BW50Ks. Because I started it all those years ago. Because it's a great event put on by our club. Because it's trails, yet, other than the distance, not un-doable (an issue for me). Because it's free. Because it's there.

See you on the other side of stupid.

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