Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Ouch Again

The days spent running have become fewer and farther between lately. Following doctor's orders, I cross-trained (swimming) for about a month, and then started to run (very gradually and gingerly) again. The pain had subsided, although I know I wasn't completely cured. I did some four-milers, and I don't think I re-injured myself. Re-injury is something that I had managed to do a lot of when I was training harder, not so long ago.

I gradually increased the mileage of my runs, getting up to seven, then ten miles. Even then, I was generally not running on consecutive days. But this past weekend I ran about ten one day, and nine the next. Guess what happened? If you said, Dan, I bet you re-injured yourself, then ding, ding, ding -> you get the prize!

If only I knew how to run without pain. Maybe some day I will learn.

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