Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yesterday's Run - 2005-12-05

Although my legs were sore from Sunday's snow/slush run, I had high hopes of doing some gentle speedwork on the dreadmill. Since it was to be so cold in MSP, I didn't even take my outdoor running gear. Nope, two decent dreadmill runs would be fine for me.

Since my legs were sore, I took some ibuprofen Sunday - the first in months. Even when I was in decent shape in late summer/fall, I wasn't taking it, except possibly very little once in a great while. Don't know if this had anything to do with my calamity, but you never know.

What was my calamity? My right calf was sore and tight as I got started. Exactly one mile into the run, it snapped. LOTS of pain, all of a sudden. I knew it was a pulled muscle right away. I did get on the elliptical trainer to do some more, but I knew I was done.

Now it hurts even to walk. I'll be out for a while.

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