Sunday, July 30, 2006

Running the Week after returning from Europe

Here is a log of my running in the week after returning from Europe.

Day after my return from Europe – I wanted to run long, but I didn’t know how I’d sleep or how I’d run. I slept well, and ran very well. I knew I wanted to get some speedwork done during the week, but not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d combine it with my long run as I’ve done only a few times in years past. But there I found myself at the Brunswick track, doing 8 x 1600.

Not the fastest 1600’s but they were consistent, and they were part of a long run. 5 miles over there, then the 1600s – 6:37, 34, 31, 37, 41, 30, 32, 30 for an average of 6:34. Then a mile cooldown and then 4 back. So it was 20 in 2:35. Not bad at all.

I just did 3 on the mill – had early calls and that’s all I had time for.

I started out with 3 on the mill, and then drove over to run with Dave. Amy wasn’t in town, so we did our 10-mile loop. It was very warm (probably low 70s) and humid, so we took it very slow, especially in the early miles. 85 minutes.

I weighed in at 159 today – 8 lbs higher than my lowest point. But I had a good run. Despite very sore legs (don’t know why…) I did my Substation loop in 86:30, which included a tempo run of 4 in 27 minutes. Pretty good going. It was warm and humid too. That fast running did manage to take it’s toll in the second half – I slowed way down. But overall, it was a very good one.

I wanted to get my 10k (20 x 400) workout in, but I knew it would be tough. It was in the 70s and the humidity was awful. Is it better to complete a bad workout, or to call it quits and run hard another day? I usually try for the former, as I did this day. I did manage to get through this workout, but it wasn’t pretty at all. I ran to the Brunswick track and back on 303. Struggled a lot on the way back. The workout itself? The humidity really took it's toll. I really had a rough time. Here are the times: 89(40), 92(36), 93(41), 90(43), 91(48), 91(48), 90(49), 94(55), 91(42), 96(48), 92(47), 93(46), 94(54), 94(49), 95(49), 100(43), 92(47), 95(43), 90(46), 87(23). Average was 92. I’ll be happy when this heat is over.

It was extremely warm and humid for our Saturday run, and Dave, Amy and I just wanted to take it slow. So take it slow we did – about 9 minutes per mile for about 15 miles on the ole towpath. Lots of other runners out this day enjoying the stifling heat and humility.

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