Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yesterday's Fireworks, Today's Run and Upcoming Trip

Yesterday after the race, Debbie and I stayed in North Canton for the parade. It wasn't really great, but the small-townish atmosphere was. And watching the little kids going after the candy was fun.

Debbie and I then went to Robin's for her 4th of july party. Good ribs and lots of fun talking with everyone. Dana and Todd were there too. At night Dave and the gang shot off some fireworks. Fun stuff.

Today I somehow managed to run a decent 13 miles. After 6+ I wound up at the track where I did 3 1200s in 4:43. Altogether the 13 miles were in 1:45. Considering yesterday, this could've been much worse.

As I was running home I wound up helping neighbor Bill get his trailer and tractor unstuck. He is on the corner of 303 and Stearns.

Debbie and I changed our minds once again about her coming to Europe with me this time around. It appears that I'll be working too late in the evenings for us to be able to spend much time together. We still would have had the weekend days, but the weekdays look like they'll be shot. We were able to refund the miles and most of the dollars.

We'll look at it all again for any possible future trips.

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