Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Stinker for the Ages

I thought about running on the mill because of the cold (29 or so and frosty), but that really isn't that cold, and it actually was nice out. I thought about doing 20, then 16, but settled on 11 when I wasn't making any progress whatsoever. What a slow slow run. I was so tired and weak. Worst in a long long time. I'll say I did the Substation 11 in 101 minutes, but with the walking it was much worse than that.

The good part is that I did enjoy the frost and the sunrise. It was a peaceful morning.

The really bad part is that my knee has been acting up again. It's really no better - it still doesn't hurt, but after some runs where it felt normal, it's back to making moves that it shouldn't be doing.

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