Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm Outta Here

The fact is simple: I'm in too much pain to run. It hit me in the face during today's 11-miler, and of course I didn't like it. Running defines me. I'm afraid of what will be left of me if I don't do it for a while. Not to mention the simple loss of fitness.

The fitness, however, is being lost anyway. It's truly amazing how poor my running has become in such a short period of time. So of course I'm worried about getting the fitness back. But that won't begin to happen until I heal. And I'm certainly NOT healing now.

Running and driving have been giving me almost unbelievable pain, and it seems to get worse all the time. Running injuries and pain have been the story for the entire second half of 2008. It started with the slight case of plantar fasciitis that seemed to give way and morph into morton's neuroma. Whilst I was battling that pain, the back problems began. I seem to be able to trace the back/leg pain to the day of moving heavy tables to/from our house for the clambake in October. Although I didn't feel any immediate pain, that's when my lower back began to hurt. This was followed by butt and right leg pain. I remember not being able to sit through a movie or for long rides in the car in the days right after that. As time went on the pain intensified, and it's now gotten to the point where I can't drive more than a few minutes without excruciating pain. The running pain is almost as bad; it hurts just to lift my right leg in order to plant it ahead of me while running. Every step hurts.

So it'll be no running for now. Debbie's almost got me convinced to see a doctor or chiropractor. Money is the main problem here. We can afford a couple hundred dollars (our health insurance is worthless), and I'd gladly pay that if I was sure that I'd be cured as a result of seeing someone. It's been my past experience, however, that I don't get cured from our medical folks. Time is probably the only thing that will help me.

Sorry to be such a downer on this happy day.


Clifford Running said...

Merry Christmas Dan and Debbie,
Sorry to hear your finally going to take some needed rest, come on, 2 weeks isn't going to hurt you ok so maybe you'll only be as fast as me when you come back but you'll get it back quick. Hope the rest of your holiday is fun. Hey ,what better time to take some time off than Jan. and Feb. Ladd

P.S. May I suggest you go see Joe or Lisa? Ladd, Kyle & I all went to them for some misc problems IT Band, Hip Flexor, Shin Splints, Foot Pain etc. and they fixed us all up in just a few appts. They really are good! Marsha

Dan Horvath said...

gonna do that.

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