Monday, December 22, 2008

Week of December 21, 2008

Sunday: 30mph winds and temps in the upper 20s. It was going to get much worse, so I went out whilst the going was good. There was some snow on the roads too, so this was an interesting one. Still in pain, I shuffled around the neighborhood gingerly. I also got onto some of the rarely run trails around the subdivision. I ought to do that more often. Too bad I couldn't have enjoyed the snow more than I did. I'm calling this six miles at ten minute pace.

Monday: I'm fighting this pain with all my reserves. I know I should take it easy with the running, so I backed off a bit today. Instead of running many many more miles, I only did 7 on the mill. The good thing here was that I wanted something of substance, and got it. I did 10 1/4 mile hills at 6%. Coulda bin worse.

Wednesday: Ladd and I had planned to run together, but as I was getting into the car, I noticed that the driveway and street were still completely covered with ice. This, even though it had been getting warmer overnight and still raining. Instead, I just ran a couple on the mill.

Christmas: Dave and Carol were over, so I hadn't planned on a long one - I wanted to be back for breakfast. I did want to get something in, however, so I did my 11-mile route at 9 to 9.5 pace. Naturally that's extremely slow, but it was a nice, enjoyable Christmas run, except for the pain. See separate post about that.

During the run I was reminded of Christmas runs past. For some reason, the ones I remember most are the ones from the nineties, when we were living in Michigan, but staying at Kathy and Mike's. I'd always make the Christmas run a long one out on the country roads. It was often cold and nasty, and I didn't run very fast. But I still have those fond memories of those runs.

Today's 11 was still enjoyable, but what I'll remember most was the pain.

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