Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Run Along the Thames

This time I’m staying within a few miles of Windsor. I toured the castle during a previous visit. Today I decided that it would be nice to run in that general direction. I had a lot of time - I didn’t need to be at the office until about 10am.

It was a clear, cool, frosty morning, and the temperature was showing nothing at all (that’s zero Celsius, by the way). It didn’t feel nearly as cold as yesterday when it had been +2C, but windy and rainy. Today’s widespread frost was actually quite slick in a couple spots. Most of the paths were fine though.

I made my way down to, and alongside of the M4 motorway, until I found a footbridge that would take me over. Once on the south side I kept heading west, until I found a road going south from there. It was slow going, partly because it was tough to see where I was headed the black asphalt footpaths. As it began to get lighter, I no longer had this excuse.

Still heading south on a different country road, I crossed a bridge that went over the river Thames. I went down the adjacent stairway and ran on the “Thames Path” for a bit before heading back up. It looked to be a great path, but it was muddy and flooded in spots from all the recent rain and snow. And I didn’t want to get my shoes muddy; I have to get them home in my suitcase. The river itself was extremely high – maybe at flood stage. It was flowing fast. If I return here, I’ll definitely do some more running on the Thames Path.

There was still more running to be done for this morning, however. I continued south and came to Windsor. I wanted to go over towards the town center and possibly catch a glimpse of the castle again. I started that way, but the traffic in that direction was getting heavier and I didn’t want to fight it. Besides, the road was now going partially alongside the Thames, and it was mostly scenic and relatively quiet. Continuing along the river, I eventually turned back after another mile or two.

Whilst running back toward my hotel I passed a guy with glasses and a backpack. I figured he was going to work, but to my surprise he began running and was almost keeping pace with me. I didn’t notice whether he had running shoes on, or whether he had been running before I passed him. This caused me to pick up my pace a bit – he shall not pass… He followed me for a mile or so to the next town, where I lost him, but then was passed by him as I was dithering around on a couple side streets. Turned out he was headed for the train station, and only just barely caught his train.

I crossed the bridge over the train and continued on my way. There would be one more area of interest: a small park that I hadn’t noticed in the darkness on the way out. With the sun now well above the horizon, I ran across and around the field, on the frosty grass and the partially frozen trails. I might come back here to run around here again as well.

I got back after about two hours, twenty minutes. I’ll call it 16, but it was possibly less – I was moving so slow. But it was a memorable one.

Here is the route:


Clifford Running said...

Hi Dan or should I say traveler Dan, boy do you get out and about,hope your having a enjoyable time, just wanted to let you know that it was in the 50's yesterday and low 60's today, my taper was in shorts and a t-shirt the last 2 days, only 4.5 miles Tuesday and 3 today but the outlook for Sunday is low 30's but no rain, I'll take that for mid November though. see ya Ladd

Clifford Running said...

I think he meant February.... :) Enjoy your trip! Marsha

Dan Horvath said...

I just added a link to the map.

It's funny that it's warmer there.

I'll be back Saturday. Good luck Sunday.


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