Sunday, February 01, 2009

Week of February 1, 2009

Sunday: When was the last time I could run a decent distance of 10 or more where I was feeling decent (notice: no "p" word), could keep a steady pace, where the weather was ok, the roads were clear, and there wasn't a lot of traffic? I dunno - it feels like it's been years. But the running and weather gods came together for me today, and I had a wonderful run on my 11-mile course.

It was relatively warm for a (big) change - upper 30s. The roads were mostly clear and dry. I got out early and beat the traffic. I ran a steady pace the whole way. It was all I could do to keep it under 9 minutes per mile, but I did. And to top it off there was a pretty sunrise. Running doesn't get any better. Well, maybe a little.

Monday: It was colder, but still not bad. The problem was that I couldn't wake up enough to get out the door at a decent time. So I only did 4 slow ones around the hood.

Tuesday: I started out at 8:30 pace and held it for the first six. But then I slowed drastically over the final four. At least the slowdown wasn't because of my injuries. I was simply tuckered out.

Thursday: It was below zero so I hit the mill. 15 miles, mostly at a decent pace, including a 5-mile marathon pace run. I'm not entirely pleased, because I'm still holding the railings too much. But overall not too bad. Last couple were slow.

Saturday: 14 in 2 hours with Dave and Amy. See separate post.

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