Sunday, October 08, 2006

Social Life and Today's Run

Sokoloski's and the Porgy and Bess play were a whole lot of fun. We saw all my cousins today for breakfast, and that was great fun too. It's all too much fun.

Today's run was a good one. I did the Substation 11 route in 80 minutes - a 3-minute PR, and just what I wanted. I only also wanted to run just a bit faster for the tempo portions, but I'll take the PR. One reason I haven't run faster on this and my other 11-mile course is that I usually reserve my hardest running for the track. And I'm afraid to hit the track with my knee the way it is.

The 'ole knee is still holding up, but I can still feel it. I think it's a wee bit better every day though.

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