Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today's Run and This weekend

My knee mostly held up today as I did 13 on the Towpath with Dave and Amy. The weather was perfect: clear and cool, in the upper 30s to start, warmer at the finish. I tried to stay in the middle. From about a 9, down to about a 7:45 pace. It really didn't feel too bad, but I'm a bit concerned that the pace felt a bit tough. But it sure felt good to run again. And to do so mostly pain free.

Dave and Carol came over to eat, plan the Florida trip and watch a movie last night. They wound up staying over because it was late. Tonight it's Sokoloski's and Porgy and Bess with Iris, Mike, Linda and Bob. Tomorrow morning it's breakfast with my cousins at the holiday inn - Independence.

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