Sunday, October 01, 2006

Recent Running and the Funeral

Waylayed in Detroit on Wednesday night due to weather related missed connection. So I only ran 5 on Friday. Even so, my knee felt terrible. Saturday it was better, so I did 22 - the 16 mile Abbeyville loop in 2:08, then 2 3-mile president runs in 20:40 and 20:00. Pretty decent. Today I did 6 in 49 - not too bad. The ole knee is still there - it comes and goes.

Yesterday was the funeral for Carol's dad. We took mom and spent the day visiting. We all went to Longhorn in the evening.

I have no idea what I'm capable of for Columbus. At least now I think I can do it at all. At 159, I know I've GOT to lose 5 pounds. Debbie and I became serious about the diet as of today. I'm not sure how much to push the training with this knee the way it is. OTOH, some confidence would be nice. The 22 helped, but I need more.

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