Friday, November 10, 2006

Other Recent Running

After taking two weeks off after Columbus (besides the run in Olympia), I got on the ship's mill and did 15 relatively fast miles last week, and five more in Istanbul. The ole knee is way better, but still not all the way. It still feels "funny".

When we returned last weekend I got out Sunday and did a solid 17 miles at an 8-minute pace. I was tired, but encouraged that there was no pain and because I ran so consistently. Monday's 11 was anything but consistent - it was a real stinker. After taking Tuesday off, I did a 6-mile loop on Wednesday, again at 8-minute pace. Yesterday was off, but I did 10 today.

Wednesday afternoon at precisely 1:00pm I got a cold. I know the minute it happened. I'm taking Zicam, but it's not helping like it usually does so far. I'll keep doing it.

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