Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Lots going on. Valerie flew in on Saturday. After some middle eastern food, we went to Charles Elkins' wine tasting party to benefit the Colitis/Cron's Disease foundation. Besides Charles and Tara, we saw several other friends from the MCRR. And of course tasted some wine.

Sunday was barbeque day. But first, in the morning, Debbie, Valerie and I went to Hinckley to walk and run around the lake. Yes, Valerie is running again these days. The family came over in the afternoon and we had ribs and chicken amongst other stuff. All good, as always. That night was the Cavs game, and they lost. Bummer.

On Monday morning Valerie and I went for another mile run around the hood. Of course afterward I had to make the required banana pancakes. All too soon thereafter it was time to take Valerie to the airport for her trip back to Chicago. Debbie and I then walked a nice walk in the Wallace Lake area in Berea. In the evening we went to Kathy and Mike's for more visitationing.

Running wise, it was a good weekend. I've alredy mentioned the Wooster 5k in a separate post, as well as a couple miles with Valerie in this post. In addition, on Sunday I did my 11 mile loop at a little slower than 8 minute pace, and today I did the 12-mile North Park run in 95 minutes. That's a PR for that course, although I've only officially done it 4 times. Still pretty encouraging. Now I'm pretty tired and sore. I'll need a bit of downtime now. I'll go easy on myself until tomorrow's speedwork.

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