Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where Can I Find Payne?

I parked on Payne Street, east of East 13th street for today's Cleveland Marathon. It turned out to be a long way from the start, and a much longer way from the finish. Not that the start and finish are that far apart, mind you. More on this later.

The Medina County Road Runners met up at the Free Stamp for a group picture. I just made it after a good warmup run from my faraway parking spot. Good to see everyone. I also saw plenty of my other good friends at the starting area. I told everyone that I wasn't in shape and just wanted to finish. When pressed, I said that maybe I'd go out at 8:30 pace.

Well that didn't happen. I went out at just under 8 minute pace. And I felt good. The temperature, which was in the upper 40s and lower 50s was great. It was sunny and clear. The only problem was the wind. It was tough the whole way, and never felt like it was at my back. But I held that 8 minute pace through 23 miles before the wheels fell off and I started my death march. Those last 3 were simply awful. Nothing particularly wrong - I was just shot. I finished in 3:35 or so. SO... Better than expected - but I didin't like that march of death at the end.

As soon as I finished, I talked with a couple friends a bit and then had to get to the store. That's when I couldn't find Payne. As mentioned, it was a long way, and it doesn't go all the way through to downtown. There I was, limping around and asking anyone else I saw if they knew where Payne was. "Where can I find Payne?" I would say. (I actually did add "street"!) All they had to do was point to me.

I did eventually find it and get to the store. And now I'm still in Payne.

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Mr. P said...

Nice. From the title I thought you would be referring to something else. I certainly found Payne! In fact, I know exactly where it is right now! I'll be bringing it with me to the meeting tonight. See you then?

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