Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yiannis Kouros, Bart Yasso, and other Stuff

I had a nice conversation with Yiannis Kouros. He happens to be the greatest ultramarathoner of all time. After Joe Jurczyk had initially contacted him, I was trying to get him to do the NC24. It was a nice conversation, but he needs his expenses paid as well as appearance money, and we're still a poor race without sponsorship, so it won't work for now. Oh well - maybe some day we'll get that sponsorship.

I had a nice conversation with Bart Yasso. This was actually part of his speaking engagement with the MCRR. It was a nice talk. I'll also email him about his take on sponsorship after talking about it during the meeting.

Other stuff going on:

I ran abour 4 miles with Ladd, Marsha and some of the other MCRR gang before the meeting. I also did 2 more this morning. Got the Cleveland Marathon tomorrow.

Speaking of the marathon, I'm just hoping to avoid a PW.

Also speaking of the marathon, I volunteered to help with packet pickup this morning.

Also speaking of the marathon, I have to work at the store immediately afterwords tomorrow.

I haven't been around there much for the last few weeks - first there was Hawaii, then Peru, and last week I was swamped with work.

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