Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speed and Strength

You guessed it: I need to work on both. It's tough to do both at the same time however. I usually like to have worked on strength throughout the winter, and then begin on the speedwork in the spring. This usually enables me to gradually work into the summer racing season, and then still do a marathon or two as they pop up. But with the injuries, sickness and travel, neither my strength nor my speed is where it should be. Not that I'm not working on them.

I showed up for Tuesday track determined to do better than last time. I should have been - I was fairly well rested this time. And I guess you can say it was decent. This time it was 200's with only a few seconds rest in between. I did ok, but of course I'm still the slowest, by far, of the faster group. I did about 17, but the rest of the group did 24. At least I'm moving in the right direction. I'm sure this Tuesday speedwork is or will be helping me.

This morning it was an attempt at strength: four 6-mile loops on the Lester Rail Trail. The only problem is that it wasn't very strong. At least the finish wasn't. The first three laps went swimmingly well: 52, 51 and 52 minutes, respectively. The fourth got to me though. It was as bad a death march as ever: 58 minutes and that didn't count some of the stops.. I should've quit after 18 instead of toughing it out. As it wound up, this was very nearly a PW on this course. Here are the numbers from my training log:

Date Distance Time Course ID
9/2/2005 24 207 Lester Rail Trail 24
9/6/2005 24 201.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
9/7/2005 24 199 Lester Rail Trail 24
10/19/2005 24 201 Lester Rail Trail 24
6/15/2006 24 186.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
7/7/2006 24 185 Lester Rail Trail 24
8/16/2006 24 185.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
4/14/2007 24 197 Lester Rail Trail 24
6/4/2007 24 201.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
6/11/2007 24 197.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
7/29/2007 24 209.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
8/29/2007 24 199 Lester Rail Trail 24
7/1/2008 24 202 Lester Rail Trail 24
7/14/2008 24 197.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
8/4/2008 24 213.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
9/21/2008 24 202 Lester Rail Trail 24
4/18/2009 24 212.5 Lester Rail Trail 24
5/28/2009 24 213 Lester Rail Trail 24

Other stuff going on: not much work, but I did join facebook. And --- I have lots of "friends"! There is also a great deal of activity surrounding the NorthCoast24 run. I talked to the Cleveland West Road Runners club about it last night.

I'll probably stay up to watch the Cavs one last time tonight. I guess..

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Clifford Running said...

That was one heck of a workout. Are you sure we were doing 200's, that 2-4 second break barely qualified as a break in my book

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