Thursday, July 02, 2009

Twenty on Ten

That's 20 miles on 10 hours rest.

I did the usual speedwork thing with the gang on Tuesday. It went ok (I generally kept up with Ladd), but I'm a little discouraged that I'm not seeing any breakthroughs. The workout was 3 x 800 followed by 4 x 400. Maybe the breakthrough will occur next week.

I slept poorly that night and awoke a little after 3am. Got out the door a while later, and figured I was out doing the run on 10 or so hours rest. Did 10 fairly slow miles, although they felt fast. By then it was raining, and heaven knows it's not at all possible to run in the rain. So onto the treadmill I hopped, and then I did 10 more. These were fast mill miles, but they were still only mill miles.

Today I did 10 more. Made my way slowly to the track and then did 4 x 1200. These were about as slow as speedwork can be. Another slog to get home. All in all I got 10 in today. Turned out not so bad.

Race coming up this Saturday.

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