Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Short Post About a Long Run

The alarm went off at 2:55am. I was in the car by 3:30, and at the Station Road Bridge parking lot before 4:00. Yes, this it was time for another long run, this time longer than most. I had to begin training for my Green Lakes 100k run that's 2 1/2 weeks away.

Taking off on the dark towpath, I went north for 4 1/4 miles, returned to the car for refreshments, and then did it again. The second time was a little faster. Now it was 6:30: time to meet Dave.

With 17 under my belt, I told Dave that I had to get 13 more in, and that I had to do it in well under 2 hours. So we headed south and turned around just before Peninsula. I got back just in time.

I'm very happy to have this one in - not sure if I'll do another before the event. I'm lucky the weather cooperated - it was humid but cool. Best of all is that I kept the pace to a very steady 8 1/2 minutes per mile.

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