Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long and Hot

After deciding to do another very long run, the question was, when? I showed up for speedwork last night figuring that that meant Wednesday would be out for the long one, since I'd need more time to recover. But the track was out of commission, and I only did 3 miles of hills in Reagan park. So when I woke up *very* early, it was out the door for a long one.

Yes, I started at 3:30am. I beat most of the sun, but not the heat - it was in the 70s, and humid already. I did the 11-mile loop, then the 7-mile Sleepy Hollow route to the track. Most of this was just a bit slower than 8 1/2 minutes per mile. Once at the track I thought I'd pick it up, but I barely maintained that pace for the 9 miles I did there. The last 3 miles home were pretty durn awful - 9 1/2 minutes per mile. I was hurting.

But I got my 30 in, and the time, 4:23, although slower than last time, wasn't all that terrible.

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Mr. P said...

Thanks Dan. You're always up to something that makes me feel not-so-nuts! Running-wise, I mean. Those are some long runs!

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