Wednesday, August 05, 2009

When Coffee Doesn't Work

Better to start off with, "*Why* coffee doesn't work." That's easy: it's because one still isn't getting enough rest. As to the "when", that's easy too: one takes as long as two hours after getting out of bed before getting out the door, and even then running the first few miles excruciatingly slow.

That was the case today, and also on Monday after the decent amount of sleep Sunday night but the sleepless Saturday night. Monday I only did a few in the morning and then a few more at lunch. The lunchtime run was better.

Yesterday I showed up at our track workout still dragging. I did 8 x 800 with Chuck, Dan and Jack, starting slowly and then doing the last three really fast (for me). It turned out to be a pretty good workout.

Today, after not enough rest after the speedwork, the coffee didn't kick in until I hit North Park, 4 miles into my run. Until then I'd run at 9 minute pace or slower, but the 4 around the park were better at 34 minutes, and the final 4 coming home were better still at 31 1/2 minutes.

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