Sunday, August 09, 2009

Running is Consuming my Life

Last weekend was bad; this one was just as bad.

This one started Thursday with a solid 12 that included a 3-mile tempo run around the H.S. (4 laps)

Saturday morning: run 17+ with Dave and Amy. A lot of this was on the very difficult but enjoyable Buckeye Trail. The last part was back on the towpath. Of course the trails slowed us down, but this was a decent run.

Saturday afternoon: Work at the running store as usual.

Saturday night: out to Thyme Restaurant in Medina (yummy), back for a nap, and then over to Edgewater for the NC24 training run. I didn't actually run - Debbie and I walked after we talked with the other runners - but we didn't leave until 1:30am.

Sunday morning: I started with Ladd from his house, we met Chuck at Root Middle School, then ran the rest of the five miles to Panera. Once at Panera we picked up Charles, Marsha and a few others. Then it was 16 miles on the concrete streets of Medina. I don't like concrete, but it was otherwise a nice route.

Ultimately, it was the heat that got to me. I did manage to get 25 in, but those last couple with Ladd and Chuck were pretty difficult. Happy to have this under my belt. So yeah, I'm consumed.

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