Monday, October 24, 2005

Bob's Recital

Dead Runner Buddy Bob Mayerovitch put on a recital at Baldwin Wallace yesterday. In his words: "If anyone's in the mood for a peculiar encounter, I'm playing a recital at
Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory (96 Front Street, Berea, OH) on Sunday, October
23rd, at 4:00 PM. I'm letting down my previously (very previously) long
hair in favor of a concert entitled: "Crossover: Popular Tunes in Classical
Pieces" -- Mozart Variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", Beethoven
Variations on "Rule Britannia", a four-hand piece (that means I'll borrow
another body) based on Chopsticks, a set of ten variations in the style of
10 composers on "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and a virtuoso Fantasy on Themes
from the Wizard of Oz. I'll publicly admit to my severe regression."

We thought it was great. Bob talked about each piece, and this was quite informative. The music was very good too. We didn't hang around afterwards but went to dinner and home instead.

Dinner was fun. Wanted to use the entertainment book before it expires, so we first tried La Hacienda in Berea. Closed, perhaps permanently. Then Mahle's. Closed, but there were people inside. Couldn't figure that out. Then Red Onion. Open, but it didn't look too good to us. Then Alexander's. Closed. Then Bob Evans. The fifth time was a charm. Can't go wrong with Bob Evans.

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