Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

Debbie said to buy eight bags o candy, based on what Kathy buys. I bought six, figuring that Kathy just likes to have some left over for the family. Wrong. We ran out in 45 minutes. Debbie had to turn the light back on when Jessie and her friend came over (we had saved a few pieces for that eventuality), and two little kids jumped up at our porch at that very moment. Luckily we could still accomodate them. Next year I'll buy *at least* seven bags.

Earlier we drove Kathy and Mike to Kendal Lake for a very nice walk around the lake and up some of the hills and trails. Stopped at Szlay's and then had chicken soup, including the feet, that Kathy had made.

After shutting our trick or treat operation down, Debbie and I watched North by Northwest and Rear Window (most of it for me).

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