Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-03-21

Woke up early so I did the Grand Rounds. IT WAS COLD!! It was about 23, but the wind was BRUTAL. The worst part was the middle - Minnehaha Parkway heading east. I nearly froze up entirely.

I used to call this 21, but it may be closer to 20. I think I'll call it 20 this time. Despite the cold, this was a solid run. I felt good and strong for the first 6.5 or so down to South Beach on Lake Harriet (55.5). Then came the real cold 5.5 or so on Minnehaha Parkway. That part was miserable, but I did it in 44. The last 8 to 9 wasn't so cold, and I did it very fast - in 62. The last 5 (what I call 5 anyway) was in 36.

So I'm happy with it. But I'm happier that it's over.

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