Sunday, May 07, 2006

Revol Race for Kids

I really wanted to post a good fast 10K today. It didn't happen because of a course screw-up. At least 6-8 of us went off course and cut it short by perhaps .3 of a mile. Some course marshall was sleeping on the job. Drat. I did run well though: the 1st 1.2 was 7:46, the next 1 was 6:00, the next whatever, including the off-course part was 16:34, so I hit "5.2" in 30:20. (In my dreams). Anyway, the last mile was in 6:12.

I finished in 36:32, a PR by a minute plus (In my dreams)... Still it was a good run. I was probably in the top 10, even considering that some went off-course and some didn't. I wasn't 1st in my AG though - another fast geezer showed up.

Got to run around Jacobs field as a cool down.

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