Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Running in Germany

5/16/06 and earlier
Been a long time since I've had time to write. Here I am in Dusseldorf and running is pretty good here. Monday I did about 8 miles going north along the Rhine. Very nice run/walk and bike paths all over, especially along the river. There are several there. Yesterday I overslept, and today I ran for 2 hours along the river, mostly south. I'll call it 15 miles. After getting to the end of the path, I turned back and then crossed the bridge and ran on that side including some exploration around old town. Came back across the closest of the three bridges. I almost didn't make it out because of the cool rain. That rain subsided after about an hour.

I also ran about 16 on Saturday in Norwalk. 6 were on the mill in about 42.5 minutes, and the last 10 were on the roads, some familiar, in about 82 minutes.

I was very tired but I had time in the morning, so I set out to do 20. My legs wouldn't have it though. I only did about 10 along the river. I went north again and this time made it as far as the northern bridge. It got rural quickly, but still nice paths to run on.

After a breakfast AND a lunch buffet, I headed out for another late afternoon run. I mostly wanted to check out the restaurants that are along the river so we can walk to them tonight. They're there all right - about a mile and a half away. I did about 4 altogether - still slow and tired.

Don't know why these ole legs would be tired. I really haven't been running much. And now I'm *starting* to get the right amount of sleep.

14 along the river - this time I crossed the bridge and went north on the eastern side. This was the best running yet - nice path and scenery the whole way. Good steady pace today - maybe a bit better than 8 mpm. Nice clear, cool (about 50-55) morning.

Just a couple around the neighborhood near the hotel.

Marathon day, and I'm missing it. Had planned on a long one, but didn't get quite as many in as I thought I might. Simply ran out of time. Twas a nice day for running along the Rhine. Besides the usual morning questions of how far/fast, I have to decided north or south on the Rhine, as well as east or west bank.

Today I went south on the west bank to the 3rd bridge, crossed over into town, and then continued south on the east bank. Although the path kept going a long way, the scenery wasn't always so great - there were junk yards, rail junctions, and other industry. I finally got to some nicer parts, but then the path ended. After heading back and across the first bridge, I went south again to get about 4-5 more in.

Altogether 21 in 2:50. Not bad - steady the whole way.

I now know that north on the east bank seems to be best for long runs, and south on the west bank is best for shorter ones.

I believe it's been raining every day at least some point during my run. Today it started off bright and sunny as I headed north on the path along the road (parallel with, but slightly away from the river). As I got to Meerbrush, I spotted a storm with rain and lightning to the north and west, and it appeared to be headed my way. I turned and headed over to the river and went back the usual way, picking up the pace. It rained on me for the last mile and a half. Altogether I'll call it 6 in 46.5 minutes.

Another 14 along the Rhine just like the other day - all to the north on the east bank. And very nice again too. Only problem was the wind - it was ferocious, especially on the return. And at 50F, it really felt cold. Still managed negative splits and did it in 1:50.

Late in the afternoon I went out again. Tried to avoid the rain as it was sunny for a minute when I was starting out. The clouds moved in quickly as I turned around as planned at 16 minutes (at the 2nd bridge). With big dark clouds coming fast I hit the overdrive button and made it back in 13 minutes. I think the distance was legit because I checked the pace against one set of kilometer markings.

My last run for this trip was a long and wet one along the Rhine as always. This time I went south on both banks. Also ran around downtown and harbor area a bit. It was cold (50 or so), windy and wet (constant rain). But I did about 21 at a fairly steady pace, and don't feel too bad now that I'm done. 2 hours 53 minutes.

Now I can go home.

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