Monday, September 11, 2006

lots going on - no time to write

Well, not much, anyway.

Saturday I ran the Potato Stomp 9-mile in 57:50. One of my best runs of the year. It was warm, and the hills made it tough. But I ran really well, powering by some folks in the latter miles, but passed twice in the final mile (which was my best anyway). Just about 40 minute 10K and 60 minute 15K pace - 6:25 per mile. 1st in AG too.

Then I flew to San Diego. Sunday morning I got up early and did about 19 extremely slow, tired miles around Mission Bay. Most of it was nice and scenic, though still fairly dark with a nice sunrise. Don't like the concrete paths though. I followed that up with the CSMS exam prep class by Pam and then dinner with the QP group.

Today I ran about 18 around Mission Bay, but also along Mission Beach as well. More interesting running, more slowness, more concrete. Then came the exam. It was tough. I managed to finish just in time. Don't know how I did - will find out tomorrow, I think. I also drove up to La Jolla and took a brief walk up there. Nice shoreline - maybe someplace to come back to.

The next three days are scheduled for Vodafone counts and a few IFPUG and QP functions.

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