Saturday, September 23, 2006

Running in Portugal

I didn’t run in Spain at all – I only had one full day there, and I didn’t want to travel at the end of it with sweaty-wet running clothes. It didn’t look like there were any good places to run in that part of Madrid anyway.

I did run outside once in Portugal, and then once inside. The outside run was only about 5 miles, was very slow, and was spent mostly being lost on cobblestone sidewalks. So although interesting, it was less than optimal.

The mill run was much better. I decided that I had better do something of substance, so I did something I hadn’t done in a while: 13 miles at MP. What made it tough was the warmth in the health club causing me to produce buckets of sweat. But I did it. With the warmup and cooldown (on the elliptical), I’m calling it 15 in 1:45. One problem though: my right knee/hamstring/calf are very tender now.

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