Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

The girls (and Barry) have packed and left, so once again, the house feels empty. Of course Mom is here - that helps. But as always, it was sad to see them go.

It was a wonderful weekend, as all our thanksgivings are. I made the regular and vegetarian lasagne on Wednesday night for the extended family. Veronica and Barry came in late that night, while Valerie got in Thursday morning.

The turkey and all the fixings were great. Some things were different, as we broke (only a bit) from traditions: got a fresh Costco turkey, and brined it, made REAL cranberry sauce, did not stuff the turkey, but made separate, fantastic vegetarian dressing. But then most of the stuff was normal: the desserts, the other fixings, the bread, the massive quantities. We had a record 17 people at the table this year, including Nancy's mom and sister Margie. Everything turned out as good as could be.

Friday we did some shopping, and then drove to Amish country. Something different. And fun. The best part was the grocery store in Walnut Creek. The funniest was the candle lighting ceremony that we couldn't stay through in Sugarcreek.

Saturday it was more shopping, lunch at Mustard Seed, and the movie, Four Christmases.

Today we're straightening everything out and getting back to normal. Then we go to Dave and Jill's christening party for Enzo. Should be more fun.

But someone please make the fun stop!

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