Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week of November 23, 2008

Sunday: CWRRC Fall Classic Half Marathon. See separate post.

Tuesday: These half marathons have been taking a lot out of me. Once again, I was extremely sore for a couple days, but in spite of that I went out for a medium-long run this morning. The weather was decent for this time of year: low 30s, windy and some snow starting up. Did the 15-mile course at mostly 9-minute pace. Faster for the first half and slower towards the end. I was getting tired, and the footing was starting to deteriorate. I may do the speedwork tonight, but it's sort of doubtful.

Wednesday: I didn't run Tuesday evening. The snow has been bad almost every day lately. I did run on the mill today: 11 in 81 minutes, with 7 x 1200 thrown in. It wasn't pretty though. Had to stop several times to catch my breath.

Thursday through Saturday: Kind of a blurr because of all the weekend festivities, but I'll do my best. On Thanksgiving Thursday I did 10 slow miles in the cold. Only the last few were decent. On Friday I had planned to do 10-12, but ran out of time and only did 6 at about 8 1/2 minute pace. Saturday I had even less time (had to drive Valerie to the Megabus stop), so I only did 4 to get my 60 for the week.

OK, none of it was great running, but at least I got *some* miles in.

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