Monday, November 17, 2008

Week of November 16, 2008

Sunday: I took the day off, as we drove back from Detroit to Cleveland.

Monday: I was gonna get a 20+ miler in no matter what. And I did - on the mill. Had to step off quite a few times for various pit stops, and I almost quit a few times. But I did managed to get 24 in - 3:11. Now I'm *really* tired and sore.

Tuesday: Just 6 on the mill. More awful weather. I'm also not gonna run tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be a decent one.

Wednesday: It was cold and nasty - about 21F, windchills in the mid-teens, and plenty of leftover ice and snow, but durnit - I was tired of that dreadmill and I was gonna run outside no matter what. And it wasn't all that terrible. I wound up at the track, and after deciding not to do the speedwork yesterday, I did manage to do some today. That is, of course, if you call 7:30 miles speedwork. The track, like everything else, was covered with ice and snow, but it turned out to not be quite so bad as the roads. So after a slow start I did a few of those speedy 7:30 miles there and headed home. Altogether 11 miles in 93 minutes.

Thursday: Today I wanted to do my usual 11-mile course on the country roads that I enjoy so much. The one that winds up going through the new subs. The footing would be much better today, and it was warmer - in the mid-30s. But the northwest wind was very strong. The result? Not bad at all. I held an even 8:20 or so pace throughout the run, and finished in 92 minutes. It's encouraging to think that I'm not slowing down any further. Yet.

Now I've gotta figure out what to do, running-wise, this weekend. There are three possibilities on Saturday: the usual running with Amy and Dave (altough the towpath may not be runnable), a 5k race in Medina, and the club group run at the store at 1pm when I'm supposed to be working. And then there's Sunday. That's when the Fall Classic half marathon occurs. What with the upcoming cold and otherwise lousy weather, either or both of the races could result in a PW for me. Wouldn't that be exciting?

I got out for another run at lunchtime. 3 on the presidential streets in sub-8 minute pace. Not bad.

Friday: In order to get up to 60 for the week, I banged out 5 on the mill. Wasn't pretty, but I managed. Now I probably will not run tomorrow, and save myself for the half on Sunday. Of course, plans could change.


Clifford Running said...

Sounds boring! Running tomorrow?

Dan Horvath and Debbie Horvath said...

no. sorry to be a wimp. we should, however, figure out a place to go when the track is covered with schneaux.

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