Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week of November 30, 2008

Sunday: I got out late, after Barry and Veronica left. I didn't expect much, but I actually did a decent 6 at 8-minute pace in decent 40-degree but breezy weather. That weather will be deteriorating for the rest of the week, so I'm happy I got this one in.

Monday: It looked like it would be lousy weather, so I planned to do 24 on the mill. Bored as usual whilst running on the mill, I almost immediately started thinking about how to get off again. Based on the tv weather reports, it appeared that the cold rain and snow would be holding off for a bit, so after 8 (at 8mpm) on the mill, out I went. It was cool (low 30s) and breezy, but otherwise not too bad at the start. I zig-zagged all around the presidential streents, and then went across 42 to and around Hopkins park. Eventually I wound my way south across Laurel to Sleepy Hollow. About half-way through these 12 miles, it started to snow and sleet. The last few were a struggle. At least I got 20 in.

Tuesday: I slept really really well. Of course it was tough to get out of bed and do 4 on the mill, but somehow I did. I may get out again tonight.

I did get out, but with the cold wind and chilly (27F) temperature, it was tough. Dan and Patrick showed up, and we did one mile on the track, Since it was covered with ice and snow, we moved over to Reagan park and did some hills. Those two are fast! I just took it easy. I'm calling it 4 miles based on the time.

Wednesday: After 10 hours of rest, I got out and did my 11-mile course. It wasn't all that bad - mostly 8 1/2 mile pace, except a bit slower for the last few. The wind was wicked, but at least it was dry.

Thursday: This time I had over 30 hours of rest, and I was still tired. I got out about 4:30 pm and shuffled around a bit and called it 5 miles at 9-minute pace. This got me to 50 for the week going into Saturday. Friday will be my first day off for a while.

Saturday: I felt pretty decent after finally taking Friday off - and did 14+ on the towpath with Dave and Amy. It was cold, but there were only a few icy spots. As usual, we had negative splits on our journey to Lock 29 and back - about 1:02 going out and 59 coming back. Not bad.

Later Saturday I had to work, and then drive to Canton for the Subway Challenge awards banquet. I was 3rd in my AG this year - worth only a couple shirts and $10 at Raisin Rack. I redeemed that right away. But all that driving (in bad weather) hurt my hip more. For some reason, driving is the most painful thing in the world for me these days.

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