Sunday, November 09, 2008

Week of November 9, 2009

Sunday: Before heading out, I watched the one-hour recording of last week's NYCM. It takes me that long to wake up before heading out the door anyway. This gave me a bit of inspiration, and I did my 11-mile course in 96 minutes. Not speedy, to be sure, but at least it was steady. Beats having the Sunday blues.

Monday: More tired than I should have been after yesterday's run, I just stepped on the mill and did 10 today - 7 at MP. It wasn't pretty.

Tuesday: My morning run wasn't too pretty either. I had thoughts of 10-12, but I only jogged at 9-minute pace for 7 or so. Tonight's speedwork should be better. Shouldn't it?

It was better. I got to the track 20 minutes early and Pete was already there doing 800s. I did one with him (actually way behind him), and then warmed up some more with Ladd, Marsha and Kyle. Ladd and I did a 1600/1200/800 with pretty good results. It felt good to open her up now that my marathon recovery period is over. Glad to get this one in.

Wednesday: Based on past experience, I thought I may be able to get another speedwork session in - just 10 hours after my last one. That past experience really is in the past, because it didn't happen today. It was slow 9-minute miles over to the track, and then 4 8-minute miles there. This was the "speedwork". Then I took a longer route home at 9-minute pace once again. At least I'm getting my miles in this week.

Thursday: 3 slow late afternoon miles on the Presidents streets.

Saturday: I kind of wanted to do a 20. That way I'd have 70 for the week. But as soon as I stepped outside the hotel in Livonia, I knew today would be a challenge. We're here for Lovely's wedding. It had rained all night, and it was still raining. A cold, 40 degree and windy rain. About as bad as running weather can get. Off I went, slowly, into the awful early morning darkness. I stepped in puddles galore - some ankle deep - that I couldn't see due to the darkness. I made my way south on Haggerty, then west on 5-mile. I got over to Northville Road, and then Hines Drive. I'd run here many times on both training runs with the Wrights, and also as part of the Martian Marathon and some 20-mile Running Fit runs. When I got back up to 6-mile, I turned back to the hotel, and after some dipsy doodles, made it back there at 90 minutes. Would I be able to do it all again to call it 20? Didn't know, but I was about to try. This time I didn't want to be heading north when I was tired however - the wind was from that direction, and it was wicked. I had gloves, but they were soaked and my hands were almost frozen solid. I made it back to Hines and went north at that point. More familiar territory. At about 36 minutes out, I was suffering way too much and had to head back. I'll call it 18 miles total for a run as miserable as it gets.

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